You’ve got something people need to hear. Let’s say it.

, second, or third book just got easier. If you have an idea for a book that you’d like to see people reading, thinking about, and acting on, then we’re the people you need to meet.

Our clients know that we help them take their book idea or manuscript and thoughtfully, expertly develop it into a money-making reality. We’ll work closely with you to make sure we understand what it is you need readers to take away from your project, and then we’ll just make that happen.

Do you need a writer to help you write simply, with purpose, clarity, and power? That’s us. Do you need a designer and book shepherd to get your gorgeous, professional manuscript to press and e-reader? That’s us. We’ll guide you to whatever degree you feel comfortable in working with us so that you’re assured this is your book, told the way you want.

Let’s talk about what you’ve got in mind. It needn’t be a fully thought-out book. Maybe it’s just a loose idea. That’s fine. That’s something we can build on. That’s something we can shape and put right to work.

Our rates? We’re reasonable. We charge a flat fee, which we’ll be able to quote after you and we agree on the value you’re trying to create, and what we’ll need to spend to get there together.

It’s fun to write books, and it’s fun to create value for yourself and your readers.

First thing’s first: Drop me a note at John at Advance The Story (all one word) dot-com and I’ll get right back in touch with you.

All best,

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